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Kemp Community Center

We are proud to share our vision of what will soon be a community based book store and meeting hall. The process is underway and will be constructed with the sole purpose of providing opportunities to local citizens to pursue entrepreneurial and community efforts.

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w ave j.png

910 W Avenue I

Prior to receiving the donation of the three adjoining lots in the downtown Killeen area of Texas this address was synonymous with drug use, homelessness and a range of unspeakable acts and other criminal activities. The space had over grown stalks and a two story abandoned building that was partially burned from a fire that had taken place within its walls. 

Since we have maintained the grounds we have been able to remove the building and reduce the criminal activity in the area. The space is beginning to open up and has become a beacon of what is to come in the Northern part of Killeen. There has been new construction and revitalization taking place in the city and still there is a void. 

The Kemp Community Center will be a safe place for all to come to congregate, support local entrepreneurs, enjoy fresh produce grown right in our community garden. These grounds will offer courses and workshops for anyone with the thirst for knowledge. The land will also have outdoor seating and a food truck park where local vendors can have pop up shops until they are in a position to venture out on their own.



With your help we can complete this project sooner than later. Our goal is to have the first building complete by the fall of 2024.

None of this would not be attainable without the monetary donations of our contributors, our primary benefactor and land donor HA Homes,  and the volunteer efforts of Purple to the People and Vetscape Landscaping.

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